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Going Green? Join a Pro-Active Club!. All members have been pre-qualified via background checks. Benefits: Help the environment, Save Money by Ride Share, Avoid DUI's, More Secure Social Networking & More..


For more information on becoming a Sponser, Partner or Marketing Associate with a nation-wide Members Only Ride Share System call us at 800-245-9025

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- Global Warming

- Rising Gas Prices

- Diminishing Oil Reserves

- Increasing Gas Taxes

- Potential Gas Rationing

- Declining air quality

- Increasing Traffic Congestion

- Escalating International Oil

Ride Share
Articles & Facts
Average Costs of a DUI

State-By-State Traffic Fatalities - 2005

Peak Oil Means Increased Pain at the Pump

Global Warming – Urgent Action Needed

Impaired Driving Stats

Tough New DUI Laws in AZ, NM, LA & IL

Global Warming – Do humans (I) cause it?

Global Warming – Will humans (I) be impacted?

Members self-publish and self-manage online postings for requesting, offering and accepting rides.

Members also use the website to expand their social network, save money, avoid DUI’s and strengthen friendships.

The Reliable Rider Ride Share system  is a Smarter, Safer, Eco-friendly way to travel.
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