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Recently we have seen fuel costs rising to new heights. There is also a growing awareness of the negative impact of global warming and our dependence on foreign oil. The introduction of Reliable Rider couldn’t have been timed any better. 

Members self-publish and self-manage online postings for requesting, offering and accepting rides. Reliable Rider is designed to help members save on fuel costs and reduce fuel emissions, while also offering a way to reduce the number of accidents and injuries caused by alcohol impaired drivers.  Members can avoid the risks of receiving DUI offenses while enjoying themselves at sporting events, restaurants and bars.    The Reliable Rider website was also designed to facilitate new opportunities for more secure social and business networking

New applicants for membership in Reliable Rider submit a written consent for background checks of their criminal history and driver’s record.  Membership is granted, or not, based on these background checks, at the sole discretion of the business managers.     

Reliable Rider members also use an online feedback system to rate the quality of their rides with other members.  Reliable Rider Units (RRU’s) are automatically transferred between members after they share rides together. Each RRU is equal to about one mile of travel.. 

Focusing on citizens who want to have a positive impact the environment, as well as individuals who need to conserve fuel and funds, Reliable Rider members will serve as our greatest marketing vehicle. Members who grow their ride networks by referring others will receive 500 additional RRU's for each new member. Our members want to associate and network with others who share their concerns and values. Reliable Rider will leverage all current market conditions that bring focus and urgency to the need for our ride sharing system.  Our membership community excels at reducing fossil fuel emissions that are known to increase global warming and urban air pollution. Reliable Rider creates specific benefits important to our members, such as:  reducing overall costs of travel, reducing parking hassles, reducing risks of driving after drinking alcohol at specific locations and events and reducing our national dependence on foreign oil. 

Reliable Rider is a Limited Liability Corporation. 

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