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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Reliable Rider?
Reliable Rider is Members Only Ride Share system. It is a Smarter, Safer, Eco-friendly way to travel. It is a convenient way to rideshare with other members who have also been pre-qualified based on their criminal history and driver’s record. You can travel within designated cities or between designated cities within the USA. You can request, offer and accept rides online and network with other members.

Does it cost anything to apply for membership?
Yes. The Membership Application Fee is $75. This is a one time charge to cover the cost of the background checks and processing the application. The background checks improve member security since individuals with a criminal history or poor driver’s record will not be granted a membership.

How is Reliable Rider a more secure Networking Site?
Members edit and publish three levels of their Member Profile for social and business networking purposes: 1) Public Profile (available to all internet users) 2) General Member Profile (available to all other Reliable Rider members) and 3) My Rider Network Profile (available only to your approved friends). When you invite your friends to join Reliable Rider, you will receive 500 RRU’s when your referral becomes a member. Each RRU is equivalent to about one mile of travel. Unlike, Craigslist.org, MySpace.com, ZimRide or Facebook.com, all Reliable Rider members have been screened for criminal history and driver’s records.

Is Reliable Rider a secure site?
Yes. Reliable Rider uses SSL encryption to keep your information and transactions on our site secure.

Is using Reliable Rider safe?
Reliable Rider is the only ride share system that we are aware of that pre-qualifies all members using background checks of their criminal history and driver’s records. A feedback rating system is also used to foster a more reliable community. However, background checks and feedback ratings can not “guarantee” safety. Safety is still YOUR responsibility. Members are encouraged to use any additional safety precautions that they feel are appropriate for their security. Reliable Rider does verify member’s identities by obtaining a copy of their driver’s license and our background check company completes a social security number trace and a background checks of criminal history and drivers' license records. We also keep a record of each member's auto insurance information. Reliable Rider does not endorse traveling with any particular member. We encourage you to exercise common sense when ridesharing with other Reliable Rider members. Our Terms of Use Agreement requires that current members who have been charged or convicted of any crime or any driver’s offense are required to notify Reliable Rider immediately.

How do I use Reliable Rider to request a ride?
Enter your ride request on your My Rider Dashboard. Other members will search Ride Requests and make Ride Offers based on their preferences. You can review the Ride Offers you receive based on your preferences and the feedback ratings of the members making the ride offers. After your review, you can accept a ride either on My Rider Dashboard or via eMail. eMail follow-ups are sent after every Ride Request, Ride Offer or Ride Acceptance. Once the ride is completed, you provide feedback to promote a more reliable rideshare community! Reliable Rider Units (RRU's) are transferred between members after each ride. Each RRU is about one mile of travel.

What if the person who offered the Ride I have accepted doesn't show up?
In the unlikely event that a person doesn't show up after you've accepted a ride leaving you stranded away from your business or home simply contact us by phone. Our call center operates 24 hours, seven days a week. You can then arrange for alternate transportation (e.g. a taxi cab) to your business or home and you won’t pay the cost – but they will. The member who didn’t show for the ride they offered, will be billed for the actual cost of your alternative transportation and you will be reimbursed. Reliable means suitable to be relied on….trustworthy.

Where does Reliable Rider work?
Reliable Rider works in any of the US cities designated on the Website. If your city is not listed, you can contact us to request that your city be included in the Reliable Rider Ride Share network.

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