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myRider Dashboard:
Ride Center: Manage ride offers, requests, acceptances.
Feedback Center: Give feedback on rides, view feedback on any member.
Networking Center: Edit networking profiles. Meet new people.

1. Complete the Online Membership Application. Pay the non-refundable Application Fee.

2. Your Background Check is completed usually within a few days.

3. Membership is approved or denied. You can view your Membership Status online.

4. Members can login to the site with their User Name and Password, in order to post ride requests, ride offers and ride acceptances. Follow-up emails are sent with every ride request, offer or acceptance. In the near future, mobile devices will easily adapt to the Reliable Rider functions. Reliable Rider Units (RRU’s) are debited from your account when you receive rides and credited to your account when you offer rides. Each RRU is equivalent to about one mile of travel. You receive 250 to 3000 RRU’s when your membership is approved.

5. The first 500 members in each city will not pay an annual membership fee. The membership fees from all other members will cover the cost of operations, website upgrades and staffing the business.

6. Members edit and publish three levels of their Member Profile for social and business networking purposes: 1) Their Public Profile is available to all internet users 2) Their Reliable Rider Profile is available to all RR Members and 3) Their MyNetwork Profile is available only to their approved friends. When you invite your friends to join your local network you receive 500 RRU’s when they become a member.

7. Members provide feedback ratings on their ride experiences with other members.
Feedback ratings are available to all Reliable Rider Members.

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