Our business model is that city / zip code based ride share clubs with no more than 30 to 60 members each can operate more safely, efficiently and cost-effectively than large Ride Share Enterprises. Our members no longer want the liabilities of driving, auto ownership and maintenance for a variety of reasons. Our members pay nothing until a Reliable Rider Club in their city activates with a minimum of 30 members. Monthly or Quarterly online Zoom meetings are scheduled for clubs to self-manage, customize, and improve their Ride Share operational efficiencies and policies. Each club will align their management policies with their member preferences and decisions. Since the clubs are self-managed, their members select the Autos, Drivers, Insurance, Fuel and Maintenance providers for their club. Reliable Rider, LLC facilitates the administrative support, IT infrastructure support and the background checks on potential members and drivers for the clubs. The opportunities for social and business networking within each club are numerous.

Why More Safely?

Reliable Rider minimizes the Stranger Dangers/Risks associated with Unknown Drivers, Unknown Riders and Unknown Vehicles

Why More Efficiently?

People are usually creatures of habit. Our club members already have their routines or habits well established and our technology identifies these members’ patterns or preferences and plans ahead conjointly for everyone’s benefit. Members already have their favorite grocery stores, restaurants, bars, music events, sporting events, airports, hair salons, doctors, dentists, retail stores etc.

Why More Cost-Effectively?

The cost of individually owning and operating an auto is expensive and it includes: purchasing and financing the car, depreciation, insurance, maintenance, tires, fuel, insurance, repairs, taxes, license, title and registration. For vehicles driven about 15,000 miles a year, average car ownership costs were $8,469 a year, or about $706 a month, in 2017, according to AAA

Who is In The Reliable Rider Market?

Our clubs are attractive to Senior Citizens who no longer want to drive or individually own vehicles.

  • People who cannot obtain a driver's license for any reason.
  • People who want to opt out of the Legal Liabilities of driving.
  • People who want the Dollar Savings of Shared Ownership.
  • People who have Medical Issues or concerns that prevent them from driving.
  • People who want to manage the risks of consuming alcohol at restaurants, bars, music and sporting events.
  • People who value Safety and Security above all other considerations.

Have a Question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our customer support will get back to you shortly.
Zip Code Based Ride Share Clubs


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