Club Members

Register Your Interest

Reliable Rider clubs facilitate the following operations and benefits for members:

    • People show their interest in joining a city club by registering their name, address, city, state, zip code, phone, email, and date of birth. There is no cost to register. The date of their initial registration is kept in the club’s admin database. Membership Activation Invitations will be sent via email based on the date of their initial registration, after 30 people have registered in a city based on a cluster area of zip codes. No one will pay a club membership fee until a minimum of 30 members indicate they want to activate. The first online club meeting will then be scheduled within 4 business days. The ride share system for the club should be operational within 7 business days of club activation. There will be no more than 60 members in any one city club or zip code club. A second Reliable Rider Club in a city can be developed using the same process if the market supports the need for a second club. Each new Membership club will be based on a smaller cluster of zip codes within the city to create operational efficiencies.
    • People who registered their interest in club membership will be sent a Membership Activation Invitation by email. At that time, they will need to provide a valid credit card number, a current photo ID and their social security number. They will have to sign a consent form for a background check. Their background check cost ($75) will be billed to their credit card. Their current address will be verified and their criminal history record will be obtained. The background information reports will be retained in the Reliable Rider administrative databases. Membership will be granted or denied based on a review of the background information obtained by Reliable Rider, LLC. Minor criminal violations will not prohibit someone from membership. The $75 background check fee is non-refundable, even if their membership is not granted.
  • If club membership is granted, activated members’ credit card will be charged their first month’s membership fee of $250. New club members will be provided a membership card showing their Photo, Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Club Member Number and Club Name (DBA). Members must provide a 60 day advance written notice via email to cancel their club membership. A club’s first quarter operating budget of $22,500 will be placed in the club’s checking account ($7500 membership fees and a $15,000 loan advance from Reliable Rider). All club expenses will be paid using the club’s checking account or credit card. Club member Credit Cards will be billed their monthly membership fee of $250 on the 1st day of the month. If a club member uses more than 250 miles of transportation in any month, their credit card will be billed $1.50 per extra mile. All club members will have access to their club’s records of rides provided and miles driven.  All revenues and expenses for the Club’s DBA will be available to members in Quickbooks online. Quarterly profit/loss reports will also be made available to club members.
  • The first online Zoom meeting will be scheduled for Club Members within 4 business days of paying their first month’s membership fee. The first online meeting will have 5 tasks to accomplish.
  • Select the club's first auto:
VehicleEstimated CostEst. Miles Per Gallon
Toyota Prius $25,000 City (58) Hwy (53)
Nissan Rogue $27,000 City (27) Hwy (35)
Honda Accord $26,000 City (30) Hwy (38)
Ford Fusion $26,000 City (23) Hwy (34)
Chevrolet Malibu $24,000 City (29) Hwy (36)
Hyundai Sonata $26,000 City (28) Hwy (38)

Note: The club can select any auto it wants, but Reliable Rider recommends the Toyota Prius due to its fuel efficiency. The above choices are some examples. Reliable Rider staff will purchase the chosen vehicle from a local dealership, using dealership financing, making monthly payments. All Auto purchase and payment records will be included in the Club’s (DBA) QuickBooks Online transactions.

  • Select the club’s first three drivers. Several Driver candidates will be presented to the club members by Reliable Rider during the initial zoom meeting. One substitute driver will also be selected for the club, to cover if a driver is sick. Driver candidates’ background information (Including criminal history and driving records) will be shared at the club meeting and kept on file for the club. The $75 fee for a candidate driver’s background information and driver’s record is billed to the club. The Club members will vote to select their drivers and substitute driver. All driver payment records will be included in the Club’s QuickBooks Online transactions.
  • Select the Auto Insurance Provider. Insurance selected must have auto liability coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, medical payments coverage and personal injury protection. Depending on where you live, some of these coverages are mandatory and some are optional. Reliable Rider will present at least three choices for local auto insurance providers. Club members will vote to select their Auto Insurance Provider. The club will pay the insurance cost and the insurance policy will be kept on file in Reliable Rider admin databases. All insurance expense records will be included in the Club’s QuickBooks Online transactions.
  • Select the Auto Maintenance Service Provider. Reliable Rider will present three local choices for auto maintenance and service. The club members will vote to decide where the auto maintenance, repairs and servicing will be provided. The club drivers will be responsible for bringing the autos to the appropriate service providers for scheduled maintenance. All Auto Service expense records will be included in the Club’s QuickBooks Online transactions.
  • Select the Fueling Stations. All of the club’s fuel will be purchased at the same location. Reliable Rider will present three choices. The club members will vote to decide the Fueling Station that will be used. Fuel purchase records will be included in the club’s QuickBooks Online transactions.
  • Future Online Club Zoom Meetings will be scheduled monthly or quarterly depending on the members’ preferences. These online meetings are focused on quality process improvements, club policy planning and decision-making. Club members can decide to terminate a club driver or a club member based on their feedback ratings or other concerns identified. A club member majority vote during the online meetings will determine all the club’s decisions and policies. The club’s meeting agendas will be developed a week in advance of a scheduled zoom online club meeting and distributed via email. Agenda items can be submitted by members prior to the online zoom meetings. Reliable Rider staff will serve as a Club Coordinator to facilitate the online zoom meetings. The Club’s Online Zoom Meetings will be recorded for future reference.

Club Operations and Estimated Budget

All club members will have access to their club’s records of rides provided, miles driven, revenues and expenses. All financial transactions will be accessible in a QuickBooks Online format. Quarterly profit/loss reports will be made available to club members.

Members Club (30 members) Club (60 members)
Drivers Drivers (3 + 1 sub) Drivers (6 + 2 subs)
Cars 1 car 2 cars
Membership Annual Revenue $90,000.00 (90,000 miles) 180,000.00 (180,000 miles)
Additional miles at $1.50 per mile $27,000.00 (18,000 miles) $54,000.00 (36,000 miles)
Auto Cost (per year) $12,500.00 $25,000.00
Auto Maintenance (per year) (a) $3,000.00 $6,000.00
Auto Insurance (car and drivers) $2,300.00 $4,600.00
Auto Fuel / Electricity $6,480.00 (108,000 miles) $12,960.00 (216,000 miles)
Driver Cost $64,800.00 $129,600.00
Vacation & Substitute Drivers $7,200.00 $14,400.00
Miscellaneous Costs / Expenses (b) $9,900.00 $19,800.00
Reliable Rider Admin Fee (c) $10,800.00 $21,600.00
Estimated Annual Club Revenue $117,000.00 $234,000.00
Estimated Annual Club Costs $117,000.00 $234,000.00

a) The annual maintenance cost of a Toyota Prius is estimated at $408. Repair and maintenance costs vary depending on age, mileage, location and shop.

b) Used to cover unforeseen club expenses. The remaining checking account balance on December 30 of each year is refunded equally to each Active Club Member. The DBA Club Checking Account should reach a zero balance by December 31. If club expenses exceeded Annual Club Revenue, the excess amount would be billed equally to each club member’s credit card.

c) $30 per member/month ($360 per member/per year). Fees include background check facilitations of drivers and members, club record keeping, club meeting facilitation, club bookkeeping records and all IT infrastructure supports for a Members Only Ride Share System.