Seeking Strategic Business Partners

What Makes Reliable Rider Different?
Ideal partners would be:
  • Lawyer / Law Firm
  • IT Consultant / IT Firm
  • Background Check Firm
  • Logistics Firm

Partners can purchase up to a 50% share in the business. Partners would have equal voices and votes in all business planning and decision-making. You or your firm would provide Services for Reliable Rider LLC and the Reliable Rider Clubs (DBA). Your firm would bill your regular service rates. Contact Us if you are interested.

Reliable Rider Website Portfolio

Reliable Rider Timeline

September, 2006 - Purchased Reliable Rider Web Domains.
December, 2006 - Business Method Patent Application Process Begins.
January, 2007 - Federal Trademark Application Process Begins.
March, 2007 - Legal Review of Business Concepts, Forms and Liabilities.
April, 2007 - Business Plan Review and Development of Private Placement Memorandum.
May, 2007 - Phase I of Website Development Begins.
August, 2007 - Website is Completed.
October, 2007 - Business Method Patent Application Process is Completed,
April, 2008 - Federal Trademark Process is completed.
March, 2009 - Uber Launches, Dominates Ride Share Market, Reliable Rider Website Activity is suspended. Uber knocks down most of the obstacles to the ride share marketplace over the next 10 years.
June, 2019 -

Uber's US Safety Report 2017-2018 combined

While the incidence of traffic fatalities, fatal physical assaults and sexual assaults is a very small percentage of the total number of Uber rides provided, no safety-focused person wants to be the next incident added to that small percentage statistic. See Summary US UberSafetyReport

January, 2020 -

History of Uber, Timeline and Facts, the Street, January, 2020.

Uber has annual revenues of over $11 billion, a market capitalization rate of $74 billion, and over 19,000 employees.

April, 2021 -

The US saw significant crime rise across major cities in 2020. And it's not letting up! Source: CNN - Saturday April 3, 2021. The 2021 crime increase is even worse!

August, 2021 -

Reliable Rider activates Members Only Ride Share System niche market concept - Reliable Rider Clubs

Reliable Rider Admin Responsibilities

  • Registrations of Club Membership and Club Driver Interest
  • Invitations to Activate Club Membership
  • Invitations for consideration and Selection of Drivers
  • Facilitate Background Checks of Potential Club Members and Club Drivers
  • Maintain Records of all Background Checks for Club Members and Club Drivers
  • Assist Reliable Rider Clubs (DBA's) with all required regulatory registrations, permits and licenses to operate a ride share business with a given state.  Assist club with obtaining a Tax ID Number from the IRS and an Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • Maintain Records of All Financial Transactions for the Clubs including auto purchases, insurance policies, fuel, maintenance service and driver payments. Zero balance Club Checking Account on December 30 by equally distributing any remaining funds to all club members prior to December 31.
  • Maintain Records of all Club Rides Provided, Mileage Tracking and Billing
  • Maintain Feedback Records of any concerns or complaints regarding club drivers or club members
  • Facilitate Club Zoom Meetings, Maintain Records of zoom meetings, Maintain Records of Club’s operational policies and decisions
  • Issue Club Member ID’s, Driver ID’s and Auto ID’s
  • Provide IT Support, and periodic improvements of IT infrastructure, and Reliable Rider Websites